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Harry's Hangout! Imagine a place where after defeating the dark lord, graduating from school, getting a job, marrying the girl of his dreams and having children of his own; Harry wanted to buy a vacation home in Florida and leave an open invitation to his nearest and dearest friends. Well here it is, a 7 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom, 3,200 square foot home. Harry's Hangout sleeps 16 with 13 beds and 2 portable cribs. Expertly decorated by Mrs. G. Potter and Ms. H. J. Granger-Weasley. Every room, bedroom, and bathroom is designed so that each and every guest has a unique experience.


Accommodating wizards, witches and muggles alike, Harry's Hangout is only 5 minutes from Disney World in the secure, gated Emerald Island Resort community. Harry's Hangout is one of the closest resort homes to Walt Disney World you can book. Specifically designed for large families vacationing. Harry's Hangout strives to fulfill all guest needs. Magical Family Holidays wants to turn your lodging into the experience of a lifetime!


Enjoy the Great Hall as you enter Harry's Hangout for the first time or fiftieth time. Perfect for any large family and complete with headmasters table for 6 and grand table for 16. Here at Harry's Hangout you have the option for your family to sit all together during mealtimes or separate the kids and adults. This large mealtime accommodation is a rare find in a rental home that sleep so many. Harry's Hangout was created with guest needs in mind.

You can whip up fast magical wonders to feed a small army in this fully equipped kitchen. With plenty of storage for all your grocery shopping. Harry is delighted and hopes his mother-in-law feels at home cooking here in this homage to The Burrow's kitchen. Arthur Weasley also made a contribution in this kitchen that is sure to please.


"If you need to ask, you'll never know, If you need to know, you only need to ask."


Dedicated Work Station- for muggles, witches or

wizards checking into the office.

There are 4 bedrooms representing the 4 Hogwarts house bedrooms; Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor & Slytherin. Each house room at Harry's Hangout was designed with singles and kids in mind, with 10 twin size beds between them. 


We also have 3 couples rooms designed with TVs in each room and King size beds.


The Headmaster's ensuite downstairs has a lovely walk-in closet, portable crib, shower, soaking tub, double sink & separate commode room. A suite fit for the Headmaster!

The Durmstrang room ensuite has a large walk-in closet that can double as a baby room using the provided portable crib. The attached bathroom has a shower/tub just right for giving baby a bath.


The Beauxbaton room is perfect for a couple seeking a cozy hideaway.


Unforgettable fully immersive experience.

The climate controlled Room of Requirement with it's 60" Roku TV, Wizard dueling strip and rock wall is just the thing little ones need to get their wiggles out and their spell casting on point! Sneak past the Umbrage bathroom if you dare. Find Kreatcher and persuade The Room of Requirement to open. It will provide everything you need.


"Just be careful, you never know when Myrtle will decide to scream at you in the bathroom."

-Albus Severus Potter.


The extended pool deck surrounds the raised spa that cascades into the sparkling pool. The large 14' x30' pool is provided with a removable safety fence, and all doors leading onto the deck have been provided with safety locks and alarms.

If you find the pool too cool, it can be fully heated at an additional daily charge (recommended for November to February) The pool deck is fully screened which helps to keep the pool clean and the wildlife out. ​ The pool is serviced weekly by professionals so that you can be sure it is clean and safe to swim in.

  • You must be 25 years old or older to book this home.

  • This house requires renters to provide photo ID to the property manager and will be required to have a hold put on their credit card for a security damage deposit with the property manager.

  • No smoking is allowed

  • No pets are allowed 

  • No parties are allowed.

  • Owls are available for hire should you require one.